A community of founders and investors who
have graduated from Oxford and Cambridge

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OFA for Founders

Fundraising Support

OFA supports members throughout the fundraising
journey - whether it's pre-seed or growth capital:

We provide access to investors with warm introduction to members of the network, including angels, accelerators and VCs

Pitch deck reviews by experienced professionals from the OFA network can help you think about how you tell your story and get the details right before speaking to investors

A supportive community

OFA provides an online hub and forum for you to collaborate, find a mentor, hire key talent, seek advice, and more.. Join our exclusive network of investors and likeminded founders from all over the world.

Events, talks and networking

Networking events and outstanding talks from distinguished entrepreneurs and investors hosted in London, online, and around the world. We design events to be enjoyable or helpful, nothing else!

Interviews and content

Thought-provoking content to learn something new or find out more about your fellow founders and potential investors. We try to ensure all of our content is stimulating and enjoyable; while the interviews bring out the most insightful and personal aspects of people's journeys. Join OFA and let us know what you wish to hear about!

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